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Connecting Teachers Globally

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A place to achieve elite education to create a smarter world

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Connecting Teachers Globally

The Teachers’ Studio is a modern and forward-thinking educational institute, typically designed to support anyone in the field of education and provide them with exciting experiences to practice, enrich, enhance and re-teach their learning, resulting in achieving excellent results.

A place to achieve elite education to create a smarter world

It is open for students interested in obtaining the expertise and knowledge to enhance their experience in their working environment.
We take great contentment in our interactive strategy towards the learning process, ensuring our students achieve the most innovative education.



The Teachers’ Studio is an Educational Academy that offers an international perspective, initiated with the primary focus of fulfilling the requirements of expanding the provision of qualitative education providers. The Teachers’ Studio has broadened the horizons for their students (Undergraduate and Graduate) by offering a range of programmes and creating affiliations with other eminent organizations.


Our mission is to assist our students in reaching their full potential in development and preparing them to become excellent teachers and leaders in education.


Our vision is to advance the impact in the field of education by serving as an incubator for teacher education practices to provide the skills needed to develop future teachers.

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Our Popular  Courses


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

5.0 (1 rating)
10 students   6 lessons

Diploma in Childcare Management

5.0 (1 rating)
10 students   6 lessons

Diploma in Education and Training

5.0 (1 rating)
10 students   6 lessons

Diploma in Teaching and Learning

5.0 (1 rating)
10 students   6 lessons
Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring
5.0 (1 rating)
10 students   6 lessons
Diploma in Special Needs
5.0 (1 rating)
10 students   6 lessons

Trending Workshops

Discover Workshops

JollyPhonics Training

The workshop includes

In-depth training using Jolly Grammar 1 and Jolly Grammar 2
PowerPoint overview of the entire program
Implementation of all Jolly Grammar materials the participants use or will be using
Foundational review on the 42 sounds and motions of Jolly Phonics
Question and Answer session
Who is it for?

Early Childhood and Primary grade teachers, teaching assistants, program and curriculum consultants, support teachers, literacy and reading specialists, speech and language pathologists and principals.

Graphic Designing & Creativity Development

Graphic Design workshop includes

The importance designs
Understanding the importance of sketching
Understanding space in graphic design
Balance in designs
Adding rhythm and harmony to the design
Typography: effective use of type
Understanding design proportions
Influence of colour on graphic design
Who is it for?
This workshop can be participated by individuals from various job functions, including marketing, IT, development, management, and design roles.
Content Writing Masterclass

Content Writing Masterclass includes

The difference between different writing terms
Write attractive content for a website
Outsource content writing step by step
Writing a blog post and practices
Who is it for?
Website Owners, Digital Marketers, Online Entrepreneurs, Marketing Students & Freelance Content Writers
Health & Safety in the workplace

Health & Safety in the workplace include

Mental health and well-being
Moving and handling
Risk assessment
Roles and responsibilities
Health and safety auditing
First aid
Who is it for?
This workshop can be participated by individuals from a variety of job functions including, Health and Safety Executive, Risk management, Facilities management,

Professional Expertise


While we strive to provide our students with the necessary tools, and an incomparable learning environment, the Teachers’ Studio possesses an outstanding team of lecturers who share a passion for equitable education and improvement. We believe that ensuring all students access to professional educators is an essential path to help them pursue excellent outcomes.

Raziya Fazley

Head of Academics

Orla McLaughlin


Anud Yakub


Simona Riciu


Nadiya siddiqui


Priya Sing Amarasingham

Finance Manager

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Choose from a range of courses, and get a degree or certificate as you learn in an internationally acknowledged association with recognized affiliations.

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